One Event Listener for Multiple Movie Clips (AS3)


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This might be a very basic tip/tutorial, but it saved this newbie from writing repetitive functions.

If you want to apply the same effect (function) to multiple movie clips, this tutorial is worth the watch.  For example, if you have 5 different movie clips (each with different instance names) and you want them all to have the same mouseover effect but a different onclick effect, you can have them share an event listener for the mouseover effect.  Check out this tutorial!

Advertisements’s Thumbnail Plugin


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If you’ve ever done character lip syncing in Flash, you know that it can get pretty time consuming. Last semester, I used a movie clip with several variations of mouths at different key frames. Then I used ActionScript commands to tell the movie clip which mouth/key frame to jump to at each interval. That seemed like a fast approach, but overkill.

This handy plugin, accomplishes practically the same thing without having to write any ActionScript. Once installed, it can be accessed through Flash’s ‘Other Panels’ menu option. It saves a lot of time in lip syncing or other types of animations that require frequent key frame editing of a series of objects. Check out the demonstration!