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Techniques/Effects Used:
Modifiers: Twist, Noise, TurboSmooth
Particle Systems: Spray
Space Warps: Ripple
Helpers: Atmospheric apparatus

Tub Water / Water Plane:
I added a plane and gave it the water texture.  Then, I added a space warp > geometric/deformable > ripple effect and used the bind to space warp tool to bind the ripple to the water plane mesh.  I adjusted the flexibility parameters and added a turbosmooth modifier.

The Ripple:
I also adjusted the ripple parameters to get a slight, soft ripple in the water.  Adjusting the number of circles and segments smoothed out the ripple circles.

I animated the ripples by setting key frames at the first and last frame and changing the phase from 0 (on the first frame) to -5.2 on the last frame.

Faucet Spray/Water Pour:
I added a Particle Systems > Spray effect below the faucet head.  I modified the drop size and speed and applied a water texture to the spray.

I adjusted the start to -50 so the spray would already be in motion when the animation began.  I also adjusted the render count, speed, drop size, variation and set the type to drops. Then I added a twist modifier to the spray.

For the constant pour, I added a cylinder object and adjusted the mesh so it was pinched in some places, narrowing and widening – curvy.  Then I animated the cylinder by setting a key frame on the first and last frames to rotate it.  This makes the water flow look like it’s varying in pressure a bit as it widens and narrows.

Candle Flames:
I created the flames using a helpers > atmospheric apparatus > sphere gizmo.
I added the fire effect to the sphere gizmo on the atmospheres and effects rollout.
I added a noise modifier to the flames/sphere gizmo, too, to animate them a little bit as though they were flickering.